Donna Bradley

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

— IT Manager

I had severe pain and burning in both my legs from my hips all the way down to my feet. I was struggling to walk. I limped and waddled as I walked. My quality of life was poor. This went on for about a year and a half. I had trouble sleeping. I was constantly tired. I was frustrated and at my wits end not knowing what was wrong with me. I had been to my primary care, two different neurologists, and had extensive testing including MRIs. None of the neurologist had any answers for me. They referred me to a rheumatologist who told me right away that I’m in the wrong place. He could not help me and I should be seeing a neurologist for my issues.

Dr. Ali and Lee McCarthy had come to my husband’s workplace to talk about Zanjabee Integrative Medicine and what they have to offer. I was afraid to try acupuncture because I don’t like needles. Well, Lee took her time and went through everything with me. I felt calm, comfortable and confident in going forward with trying this approach.

Dr. Ali asked me to try the Acupuncture and see Dr. Shah who specializes in Ayurveda. After my first acupuncture, I was finally able to sleep as well as walk so much better. The herbs have been a huge help as well. Dr. Ali also recommended four sessions of Massage Therapy. I feel being on this regimen; my quality of life has been much improved. The combination of acupuncture, massage therapy and Ayurvedic herbs has been amazing. I feel like I have my life back.
I still have my good days and bad days but most are good days. I am extremely happy that I was open to trying something new.

I would most definitely recommend Zanjabee to my friends and family!! My experience here has been outstanding. Everyone there is very helpful, informative, patient and very understanding of my individual needs and full of wonderful advice and suggestions. They are very respectful of all my needs. This is an outstanding practice with a very friendly and caring atmosphere. I never thought that I would finally feel good again until I came to Zanjabee.