Zanjabee reviews new studies on nutrition, exercise, sleep, integrative medicine and holistic modalities as they are published in scientific journals. We look at the quality of the study and if it is relevant to our patients. Only health information that passes this scrutiny makes it into our newsletters. We also include tested healthy recipes and news about upcoming workshops at Zanjabee. Here are links to our newsletter. You can sign up to get the newsletter in your inbox every few weeks in the adjacent column.

Welcome to Spring and Allergies

How Fast Food Make Us Fat ?

First Do No Harm – Use Food As Medicine

Doing What is Right for You!

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Flu and Home Remedies for Winter

Home Remedies Workshop

Happy Holidays!

Ayurveda Winter Workshop & Gifts at Zanjabee

Happy Thanksgiving and Welcome Winter!

Sandy, Wheat, Massage & Winter

Meditate, Workout and Eat Daal!

Mother’s Day Greetings

Pro Bono Massage & Events at Zanjabee

Special Offer for Spring Detox Workshop

Follow the Spring

Special Offer for Spring Detox Workshop

Spring is here!

What is Good for the Brain and How to Run?

Facial Rejuvenation and Exercise


Walking on Water

Massage Raffle Winner & Christmas Massage Special

Winters and Holidays

Welcome Winter!

Exercise, Brain and Braun!

Cholesterol & Fall Transitions

What Not to Eat and Massage

Mood, Weight and Summer

Summer of 2011 is finally here!

Frist Do No Harm – Using Food as Medicine

The Impact of Information Age on Our Brain

Spring Will Soon Be Here

Doing What is Right for You

Holidays and Beyond

Winter’s Tale

Health, Food and Mindfulness