Primary Care

The Zanjabee Difference & Cutting Edge Care with Compassion

  1. Focus on Patient: Studies consistently show that a doctor-patient relationship based ontrust and mutual respect is as effective in a patient’s recovery as medications or procedures that the doctor prescribes.

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    • Ease in Making Appointments: Most patients can be seen within 72 hours of calling to makean appointment.
    • Appointment Duration: At Zanjabee, Dr. Ali invests at least 45 minutes in getting to know you and your medical issues at the initial patient visit. Follow up is never less than 20 minutes.
    • Personalized Care: We take the time to learn your health goals and support you in planning for and reaching your optimum health. Annual Physical always addresses Nutrition, Exercise regimen and strategies for Stress
  2. Affiliations: Zanjabee Primary Care is affiliated with Winchester Hospital.

Treatment Approach:

Nutrition, exercise and stress management are an integral part of Zanjabee plan for each of our patients. Prevention of illness and halting the progression of disease when possible are our primary goals. We use state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic technologies for best possible outcomes when you are ill. We help you access cutting edge technology and specialist care via our partnerships with Winchester Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

Patients Testimonials:

Kathleen with Chronic Throat Pain & Congestion says:

“My experience at Zanjabee has been nothing less than outstanding. Dr. Ali and staff have and continue, to provide a friendly and healing environment. Eastern and Western options have always been made available, and explained to me. Dr. Ali has educated me on so much! She has reviewed anti-inflammatory diets and how certain foods can be just as good as medicine…”

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Melissa Graham with Gluten Allergy and Autoimmune Diseases says:

“I started feeling unwell in college. I had chronic stomach pains, a second bout of Mononucleosis, chronic strep throat ear infections, pneumonia, anemia, labyrinthitis and chronic constipation with alternating diarrhea & was diagnosed with Asthma and Irritable Bowel. I saw many doctors. One thought I had Lupus. Others thought I was depressed…”

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Grace with Migraine says:

“I would absolutely recommend Zanjabee to family and friends. I feel so grateful to have a place to go where I can receive top-notch medical care and also amazing and effective treatment without the use of medication. At Zanjabee the treatment is truly integrative – I don’t have to choose or figure out for myself if my condition can be managed with diet or acupuncture or stress reduction or if I really do need medication…”

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