Chronic Throat Pain and Congestion

—Office Manager

My experience at Zanjabee has been nothing less than outstanding. Dr. Ali and staff have and continue, to provide a friendly and healing environment. Eastern and Western options have always been made available, and explained to me. Dr. Ali has educated me on so much! She has reviewed anti-inflammatory diets and how certain foods can be just as good as medicine; she looked at rebuilding my immune system; took a deeper look at emotional effects that take a toll on the body (i.e. illness) and how to achieve relief via natural means, i.e. meditative practices for healing, simplicity of strolls in nature, calming teas, etc.

My care also included acupuncture treatment from Lee McCarthy, a staff member, who not only holds a Masters in Acupuncture, but also a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Certifications in QiGong and Movement Based Meditation and has a special interest in Women’s Health and Stress Related Disorders. I have never left a treatment without learning something new from her, or without feeling a tremendous amount of relief and support. Just being in her presence you can feel her calming spirit. I also find it comforting that Zanjabee has weekly staff meetings to confidentially discuss patient care status and ultimately to take patients to the next level of wellness. I feel this sharing of information is important as everyone is on the same page.

I would unequivocally recommend Dr. Ali and her staff to my family and friends. They allowed me to be an active participant in my healing vs. being someone with an illness who is resigned to acceptance of a prescription pad. Their compassion is quite evident from the moment you step into Zanjabee. I am ever so grateful…..thank you!

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Melissa Graham

Gluten Allergy and Autoimmune Diseases

— School Teacher

I started feeling unwell in college. I had chronic stomach pains, a second bout of Mononucleosis, chronic strep throat, ear infections, pneumonia, anemia, labrynthitis and chronic constipation with alternating diarrhea & was diagnosed with Asthma and Irritable Bowel. I saw many doctors. One thought I had Lupus. Others thought I was depressed. Three were insulting and degrading. None really helped me until I went to Dr. Ali.

After a couple of months of puzzling over my symptoms and helping me with my asthma symptoms and my joint pains, she told me that she thought I might have a gluten problem. I argued with her and told her that I had tried going off gluten for a week, and I had felt no different. She countered with the fact that it takes at least a month to really know.

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Carol Spaulding

Migraine Headaches

— Costume Designer

I have been suffering from migraines, anxiety and depression as well as joint pain since I was 11 years old. Over the years I had been to doctors, physical therapists, pain management centers and chiropractors and taken high doses of anti-inflammatory, anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications. I had also sought help from mental heath practitioners.

I was referred to Zanjabee in October 2010 by my Ear Nose and Throat doctor. For the first time in years I felt that I was being listened to. I am now being treated with acupuncture and massage therapy as well as Ayurvedic herbs. I am now off of all medications with the exception of a low dose of antidepressant. I no longer have daily migraines and I have almost full range of motion in my neck. I feel that my overall heath has improved, my creativity has returned and my overall sense of well being is better than it has ever been. I would most definitely recommend Zanjabee to anyone who is looking for a PCP or the specialized care of Acupuncture or Massage Therapy. The fact that everyone works as a team is wonderful. I feel as though for the first time I am being listened to and that my health issues are real and can be effectively treated.

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Donna Bradley

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

— IT Manager

I had severe pain and burning in both my legs from my hips all the way down to my feet. I was limping and waddled as I walked. My quality of life was poor. This went on for about a year and a half. I had been to my primary care, two different neurologists, and had extensive testing including MRIs. The neurologists referred me to a rheumatologist who told me right away that I’m in the wrong place. He could not help me and I should be seeing a neurologist for my issues.

At Zanjabee, Dr. Ali asked me to try acupuncture and see Dr. Shah who specializes in Ayurveda. I was afraid to try Acupuncture because I don’t like needles. Lee, Zanjabee acupuncture practitioner took her time and went through everything with me. I felt calm, comfortable & confident in going forward. After my first Acupuncture, I was finally able to sleep as well as walk so much better. The herbs have been a huge help as well. Dr. Ali also recommended four sessions of Massage Therapy. The combination of Acupuncture, Massage Therapy and Ayurvedic herbs has been amazing. I feel like I have my life back. I never thought that I would finally feel good again until I came to Zanjabee.

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— Homemaker & Mom

I would absolutely recommend Zanjabee to family and friends. I feel so grateful to have a place to go where I can receive top-notch medical care and also amazing and effective treatment without the use of medication.

At Zanjabee the treatment is truly integrative – I don’t have to choose or figure out for myself if my condition can be managed with diet or acupuncture or stress reduction or if I really do need medication. Dr. Ali and her staff can make those recommendations based on their incredible wealth of knowledge and expertise, and then provide that holistic treatment. They care for me as a person, not as a list of symptoms. I love the practice and feel very blessed to have access to the exceptional quality of care that Dr. Ali and her staff provide.

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