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Vegetable Stir Fry Recipe

Vegetable Stir Fry Recipe

by Zywie on February 13, 2013

Vegetable Stir Fry Recipe

My name is Zywie and I have decided that I am going to lose the hundred pounds that I have been trying to lose for the past decade this year. I am young enough to remember a time when I thought I would live forever and old enough to know that I will not. Since I will not live forever, might as well enjoy the time I have at a weight where I can wear clothes that look somewhat decent and more importantly, I can physically do the things that I like to do. Up until now, vanity was the main driver of my weight loss efforts. Since I am still overweight, vanity is obviously not very important for me.

In the last 2 years I have noticed that my feet get very tired if I am on them for a long time. My knees crackle and I get short of breath when I try to climb even a couple of flights of stairs. This is not on. Abundant physical energy is part of essential me. The weight was OK when it did not interfere with energy but since it now is, the weight has to go.

Data shows that losing weight is mostly a matter of mind. If I can make the mindset that is making me write this blog my new norm, I will be thin in a year. If not, well let’s not go there. Writing this blog is an effort to affirm and hold onto the mindset of living the best life possible I can. Hence, you my dear reader are as much a part of this effort as I am.

In my journey, I am going to focus on 4 areas.

  1. Mindset to keep me motivated
  2. Eating well
  3. Exercise
  4. Latest research on weight loss

Today, I am sharing a recipe for stir fried veggies that I made for myself this week. I recommend using organic veggies but honestly for taste freshness of veggies is much more important. Fresh veggies from Market Basket or Russo’s (which do not have large organic selections) are often better tasting than limp organic produce. Early Saturday mornings are a great time to buy the freshest produce from grocery stores.

Vegetable Stir Fry Recipe


  1. Cabbage – Medium and cut into thin strips
  2. Carrots – 2 large and also cut into thin strips
  3. Cauliflower – 1 small divide into florets and cut into sort of equal sizes
  4. Yellow beans – ends cut off and cut into equal lengths
  5. Arugula – 1 cup wash and set aside in a colander
  6. Minced ginger– ½ tsp
  7. Minced garlic – ½ tsp
  8. Olive oil – 1 tbsp
  9. Cumin – ½ tsp
  10. Red pepper flakes – to your taste
  11. Worcestershire sauce – 2 tbsps
  12. Apple cider vinegar – 2 tbsps
  13. Brown sugar – 1 tbsp
  14. Low salt soy sauce – 2 Tbsps


1. Bring 3 quarts of water to a roaring boil in a sauce pan.

2. Dunk in the shredded cabbage for 2 minutes and then remove with a slatted spoon to a large colander.

Vegetable Stir Fry Recipe

3. Put in the carrots into the same pot of boiling water for about 5 minutes and remove them to the colander as well.

Vegetable Stir Fry Recipe

4. Simmer the cauliflower and yellow beans in the boiling water for 3 and 2 minutes respectively and remove to the same colander.

5. Lightly brown minced ginger and garlic in olive oil in a 4 quart sauce pan over a medium flame.

Vegetable Stir Fry Recipe

6.Add all the veggies to sautéed ginger and garlic and mix well.

7. Push the veggies to the side and add cumin and red pepper flakes to the bottom of the pan on the side. This allows dry roasting the spices to enhance flavor.

Vegetable Stir Fry Recipe

8. Mix the vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce and brown sugar into a bowl and pour over the veggies. Shake the pot rather than mix with a spoon to distribute the sauce evenly.

Vegetable Stir Fry Recipe

9. Taste to see if more olive oil, vinegar, salt or sugar is needed to bring the stir fry to your taste. Make sure it is right flavor for you otherwise you won’t eat it.

10. Now add the cup of arugula on top of the veggies and cover the pan for 2 minutes.

Vegetable Stir Fry Recipe

11. Your veggies are now ready. They are delicious with plain boiled brown rice or quinoa. When cooked right, all the veggies are tender but not limp and the flavors have seeped into every strip and leaf.

12. You can add chickpeas, chicken strips, thinly sliced tofu or seitan as protein to the stir fry if you like.

Let me know if you liked it!

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